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3M Dinoc Oak finish Architectural film

Something different to showcase this week a pressure treated wooden frame with MDF panels and doors that make up this Arbor workbench

The frame was built and the panels and doors were removed.

The edges and rear of the MDF panels were painted with a Primer to help the adhesion of the film

Now lets start wrapping the panels

Leaving 75mm of bleed all around the MDF panel enabled us to conform the wrap to the edge and 10mm on to the rear

When the material was applied to the panels and also the frame they were refitted to the workbench

The work bench was transformed in under one day from this
To this attractive looking piece of furniture

Something just does not look right – The hinges don’t match the locking bracket !!!!!

The hinges were painted black to complete the look

All completed and the finish is superb the material was a dream to fit and it is now looking like a solid oak workbench

This case study has shown what is possible with Architectural Films

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