Chapter 8 Chevron Kits

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Chapter 8 of the road traffic signs manual requires that all large or small vehicles from HGV’s to road maintenance trucks, small vans and cars that stop on public highways for work purposes or inspections are fitted with high visibility chevrons.

Paul Turner Signwriters can produce accurate templates, supply and install your vehicle with the correct chevron kit that meets the chapter 8 guidelines.

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Please contact us with your vehicle details

Make, Model, Reg. Number, Wheelbase, Rear Doors or Tailgate

Please state if you require a full - three quarter - half or a quarter kit also state if you would like spaces cutting out where the badges are this allows the kit to be fitted without removing them

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For a quote or query on getting chapter 8 chevrons applied to a single truck, van, car or a whole vehicle fleet contact us here. Our chevrons are quickly and professionally applied using high quality 3M materials, and can be removed easily.

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